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Hue Light strives to support managing healthy immune system of all people.
Research & develop high-tech care devices >> Maximize the market value >> Expand Immune Care Services Globally

Hue Light strives to play a key role in allowing individuals to keep their dignity as human beings by maintaining their health and to contribute in the society until the last breathe of life.


Research & Development

  • Study latest technologies and scientific findings 

  • Research the current market  trends and test the devices to compare and contrast the features

  • Research & develop high-tech care devices for personal, clinic & hospital use

  • Upgrade models based on the clinical trials and feedback


Manufacture & Distribute

  • Manufacture our products 100% in our facility in Korea

  • Distribute & export worldwide to private clients, businesses, research institutes and the hospitals. 

  • Expand globally with business partnerships


Immunity Care Service

  • Program: BAHI Therapy

  • Branch business offered for the immune care program that fuses our care devices

  • Aid in opening foreign immune care center (Brand: Recupero, Hue Light Immune Care Center)


Educational Support

  • Provide an environment to develop the on & offline community sharing health related info and healing methods 

  • Operate the expert training program differed by the symptoms

  • Provide seminars

Care Program

Are you always tired and lacking energy?

Are you experiencing pain in your body?

Are you looking for a natural treatment without any side-effects? 

Our care program is strategically designed optimal care program for a balanced immune care system. 

Care Products

Are you looking for a device that is made with high-quality materials?

Are you looking for an effective device at an affordable price?

Are you looking for a care device that is safe to use and easy to maintain? 

Superior immune care devices based on years of clinical experiences and in-depth research.

Covid 19

Immune Care Program BAHI Therapy 

BAHI Therapy 

Blood circulation + Antioxidant + Hormonal Balance + Immunity

No. 1 root cause of all illnesses is


Clogged blood vessels
Weakened immunity
Hormonal imbalance
Loss of appetite 
Chronic fatigue
Increased tensions 



Focuses on treating the root of problems to treat these symptoms by regulating blood circulation & balancing the immune and hormonal system 


Introducing Hue Light's Care Products

Healthy life begins from your healthy immune system. Don't miss out on the signals that your body is sending. Treat your body with our superior care products.

You will look and feel amazing every day.


Our care products are 100% made at our facility in Korea. We take careful measures into developing safe, effective and aesthetically pleasing products to ensure satisfaction of our users. We meet all safety standards and never compromise on the materials. The materials we use for our products are all high-quality, expensive materials necessary for their top performance. All our manufactured devices are KC, CE and FDA certified.   

Whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) chamber

All illnesses should be managed through whole-body care. Whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) chamber provides sufficient energy for the body to self-treat the diseases.

Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device

H2 is the most powerful antioxidant.
Molecular hydrogen works to balance immune system by deoxidating excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) - typically generated from stress - to water. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule

"Soluble Oxygen" is an effective treatment for 
peripheral circulatory disorders, brain diseases, and infected wound. 

Sonicwave Vibration Device

10 -min of sonicwave vibration exercise =

1-hr of cardio workout

“SPACE ENERGY” refers to a device that cohere and emit the energy using the constant geometric structured plate. 

Space Energy

Breast PBM Irradiator (보정).png

Breast PBM Irradiator

Personal home low-level laser therapy  for healthy breast


Abdomen PBM Irradiator

40cm by 20cm wide skin-like, flexible silicone pad for any part of your body 

Your home therapy solution to your everyday symptoms

Wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. Don't let your pain stop you from moving forward. 

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

30-minutes of hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps with increasing levels of dissolved oxygen in our blood stream.