Abdomen PBM Irradiator (2021)

Abdomen PBM Irradiator (2021)

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100% made in Korea


Abdomen PBM irradiator allows personal low-level lasor therapy conveniently at home. Total of 544 LED microchips penetrate into the muscles to work effectively.  


It can be used for users with: cold hands & feet, cold stomach, tense shoulders, stiff back and waist, swollen legs, and sport injuries. 


Daily usage helps with better blood circulation, increasing body temperature, breaking down fats and cellulose around abs, and relaxing the muscles.


It is 40cm x 20cm wide and made of soft, skin-like medical-grade silicone that can be attached to any part of the body. Place it directly onto the skin when using the device.   


Optimal dosage can be adjusted for various symptoms with switchable 8 levels of frequencies based on Dr. Nogier Frenquency system.    



    Material: medical silicone

    Voltage consumption: 100V~240V 50-60Hz/Output DV 12V/24W~35W

    Weight: 380g

    Size: 400mm(L) x 199mm(W) x 5mm(H)

    Operating Time: 30 min (automatic setting)

    Spectrum: 2 or 3 types among 630 nm ~ 850 nm, 940nm

    No of Chips: 544

    Maximum current: 90mA per chip

    Operating Output: 30mW/cm2 ~ 70mW/cm2

    Custom settings: 8-stage care settigns per symptom (based on Dr. Nogier frequencies)


    1-year A/S warranty

    1. The warranty on this product is covered by the warranty as described in the warranty. 

    2. If thre is any factory malfunction of the device, you can get free after-sales service for 1 year. 

    3. In case of paid service guide, the service fee applies even within the warranty period.

    4. Paid service: 

    - Product failure or damage due to user error

    - Failure due to improper repair or modification

    - Failure caused by natural disaster

    - Damage caused by failure to observe the precautions speficied in this manual

    5. Always show your product warranty when you receive the service.

    6. Please note that this warranty would not be reissued. 


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