Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device (H-1200)

Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device (H-1200)

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Hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant.

Molecular hydrogen works to balance immune system by deoxidating excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) - typically generated from stress - to water.


H-1200 generates avg 1,250 CC of gas (Hydrogen and Oxygen)

The ratio between the hydrogen and oxygen gas  is 2:1 to prevent hyperoxia. 

As with the hydrogen therapy, longer hours of treatment is better.

 H-1200 can be used continuously for 8 hours.

Allow some time to cool the device before reusing the device. 


H-1200 has wheels allowing easy movement from one room to the another room. 


Nowadays, COVID-19 has spread widely worldwide impacing 1 in 10 people in the United States alone. To prevent and treat such viruses from impacting our health, Hydrogen inhalation therapy should be a daily common routine for everyone. 




    Protect you and your family with this Powerful Antioxidant [Molecular Hydrogen]. With the perfect ratio of gas mixture - 2 Hydrogen : 1 Oxygen - you'll get the benefit of inhaling hydrogen, while no worry of hypertia. Molecular Hydrogen gas rapidly spreads to the lungs and the brain during the inhalation. So, you can expect an immediate effect of clearing brain and lungs. Hydrogen is much effective when inhaled as gas; in fact, 10 minutes of hydrogen inhalation equals 12t of hydrogen water intake.  

    Great for: chronic Fatigue, respiratory disease, Parkinson's, anticancer side-effects, autoimmune diseases, stoke prevention, stress relief, increased athletic performance

    Device Specification

    Device: Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device (Nasal)

    Model: H-1200

    Dimensions: 52cm x 42cm x 22 cm

    Weight: 21 kg

    Hydrogen Separation Technique: Polyelectrolyte

    Emission capacity: Avg. 1,250CC/min (H2 866.6CC, O2 433.33CC)

    simultaneous discharge, 99.9% pure

    Hours of use: Programmable series from 1 hr to 7 hrs 50 min

    Continuous usage: up to 8 hours 

    100% Made in Korea


    1-year A/S Warranty included

    Free repair/replacement of parts for manufacture defects only. For any damages caused by the user, all A/S related costs must be paid by the user. 



    Made-to-order: 2-week process from order to shipping

    Shipping method: DHL shipping

    Shipping duration: 3-5 business days for most countries


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