BAHI Therapy

Blood Circulation + Antioxidant + Hormonal Balance + Immunity

What do you do to relieve your stress from home, work and others?

Studies indicate that well-management of the stress may allow oneself to maintain healthy immune system.

Now is the time to treat your body well. Let your body naturally heal.


Hue Light's exclusive care program, BAHI therapy is offered in a package (10 full 70-min sessions). 

Don't ignore the signs that your body is sending you.

7.5 out of 10 users

showed satisfaction with BAHI therapy

9 out of 10 users

repurchased BAHI therapy package for more than 3 times



BAHI therapy

Immunity Care Program

provided by Hue Light

Protect yourself against viruses and bacterias. BAHI therapy is offered to protect oneself byenhancing and balancing healthy immune system.


Enhanced blood circulation

Better Metabolism/Appetite

Brightened skin complexion/improved skin tone

Better sleep

Diminished swollen areas

Increased mobility

Muscle Pain relief

Cancer recovery/Decreased tumor size

Chronic fatigue relief

Maintained healthy lifestyle

General Q&A

BAHI Therapy

How long is the session?

Typically, one care session lasts 70 minutes. There are two options: A. Immune Care Program composed of: 20-min Sonicwave vibration exercise + 20-min concurrent whole-body PBM and molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy and 30-min hyperbaric oxygen therapy B. Hydrogen Program composed of: 10-min Sonicwave vibration exercise + 60-min hydrogen inhalation therapy

How could I purchase the session?

No, instead of purchasing 1 session at a time, we offer 10-session package. In fact, 8 out of 10 users have purchase more than 3 packages. You know your body deserves it! A. Immune Care Program composed of: 20-min Sonicwave vibration exercise + 20-min concurrent whole-body PBM and molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy and 30-min hyperbaric oxygen therapy. B. Hydrogen Care Program composed of: 10-min Sonicwave vibration exercise + 60-min hydrogen inhalation therapy

Why concurrent whole-body PBM therapy with the hydrogen therapy?

Based on our clinical experiences, we have discovered that there are so many beneficial factors of performing both whole-body PBM therapy and hydrogen therapy together. These two have great synergetic treatment effect when done together. Especially, hydrogen therapy allowed to eliminate any excessive ROS in the body generated via PBM therapy for individuals who generate excessive amounts of ROS in their body system. So, anyone can enjoy the benefits of PBM therapy and the hydrogen therapy.

Is there any promotions?

We offer free 30-min molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy session for anyone who comes into our care clinic. We offer free 20-min PBM/molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy session for prospect buyers who want to experience the devices before purchasing them.

Hydrogen inhalation therapy

How long should I inhale Hydrogen for it to be effective?

Generally, it takes around 20 minutes for Hydrogen at gas state to reach the cells in all parts of your body.
· In hospitals and clinics in Japan, depending on the patient’s condition, hydrogen inhalation is performed for about 1 hour, 1~3 times a day.
· For athletes, pre/post-exercise, once each, 60~90 minutes per session
· 60 minutes prior to sleep for severe insomnia
· for normal health, once or twice a day (morning and night) 30~60 minutes per session
· For patients during chemotherapy, brain diseases like Parkinson’s, or autoimmune diseases, 4~6 hours (during sleep) For hydrogen inhalation therapy, the more hours you continuously use the better and effective.

Is drinking Hydrogen water different from inhaling Hydrogen?

Yes! It is. Usually 0.001g of hydrogen is present in 1ℓ (half of a large water bottle) of hydrogen water. Therefore, there is barely any trace of hydrogen, and the size is similar to a peck of dust. Scientifically, in room temperature/pressure, maximum amount of hydrogen that can dissolve in 1 liter of water is 1.6mg (0.0016g). However, using 30 minutes of H-1200, a hydrogen generator for inhalation purpose, is equivalent of drinking 18,000 bottles of 2-liter hydrogen water. If you use hydrogen for treatment or health purposes, inhaling hydrogen as a gas is the key.

How is inhaling Hydrogen beneficial to my body?

Hydrogen reverts overly produced reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the body, and acts as an antioxidant in cell signaling system within molecular cells. Especially during chemotherapy, it acts as a strong anti-oxidant and manages chemotherapy side-effects, Parkinson’s, pneumonia, and balances the immune system.

“From the study of terminal cancer patients" by Dr. Junji Akagi, medical treatment center in Tama, Japan”

Does hydrogen inhalation help with chronic fatigue?

In a study of “hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture inhalation on chronic fatigue and fatigue from high intensity exercise”, the study showed that Hydrogen and Oxygen gas mixture inhalation mitigates fatigue after one day from the inhalation. (Yamanshi University, Japan, General research center, from Dr. Koyama Katsuhiro’s study)

PBM Therapy

Can I wear clothes during the treatment?

We do not recommend the users to wear clothes while inside the PBM chamber during the therapy because the lights cannot penetrate through the clothes. For privacy, you'll be alone to take your clothes off and lie down on the chamber. The handle is place inside the chamber for easy access.

How many PBM sessions do I have to do to actually feel the difference?

You'll experience the difference just after your first 20-min session. Your body temperature will rise 2 degrees Celcius. You'll feel more pain on your painful areas after the first session; however, these pains will be immensely reduced in just 2-3 following sessions. Just a 20-min session allow your body to restore bioenergy and blood circulation.

What is the mechanism behind the PBM therapy?

Until now, many researches’ collective conclusion is that low level visible rays such as red color, ,and near-infrared ray is absorbed by mitochondria which results in a more enhanced activation of ATP synthesis for cellular use. This process is followed by gene transcription and produced balanced ROS that induces cellular repair and cure. Important part of this process is to pierce through the blocked chain of neurons using nitric oxide (NO), and nitric oxide is released and returns to the system. Nitric oxide is a molecule that helps the transport and communicating of 60 trillion cells through signals. Also, it expands vessels and enhances circulation. Pathway • NO (Nitric Oxide) • ROS (Reactive Oxygen Series) → PKD (gene) → IkB (suppressor κB) + NF-κB (nuclear factor κB) → NF-κB (nuclear factor or κB stimulates gene transcription) • ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) → cAMP (catabolite activator protein) → Jun/Fos (carcinogenic transcription factor) → AP-1 (activated protein transcription stimulates gene transcription) NO: (Nitric Oxide, •NO; nitrogen oxide or nitrogen monoxide)is a colorless gas, and is a a form of compound with oxidized nitrogen. Fundamentally nitric oxide includes free radical, a chemical form of an unpaired electron (the dot indicates the unpaired electron in •NO). Nitric oxide is also a heteronuclear diatomic molecule, and is a critical molecule that has led the modern theory of atomic linkage. It is formed from an amino acid, Arginine, from the cell. As a signaling substance, it is involved in various physiological processes such as vessel expansion and signaling. (source: encyclopedia of molecular cell biology) ROS: Reactive oxygen species: common reactive oxygen species includes hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), superoxide ion (O2 -), singlet oxygen: (1O2), and hydroxyl radical (•OH). Active oxygen normally functions as a disinfectant by attacking the pathogenic bacterium. However, for some reason, imbalance (too much) active oxygen will lead to attacking normal cells such as hydroxyl radical. ROS that increases by a certain spectrum of light source is known to have the ability to execute gene transcription as a protective response of oxidative stress, such as 2 signalling pathways that is activated upon pathogen invasion. In essence, for this reason, ROS produced through light irradiation acts as an antioxidant.

How frequently should I do PBM therapy?

We recommend our clients to come frequently for the first month, then they can come one or twice a week after that. Since we are consistently exposed to stress, our body consistently need healing and restoring aid. Regular use of PBM therapy will restore your body to help you maintain your health and beauty. For personal PBM therapy at home, we recommend 30-min to 1-hr daily treatment for sore muscles and pains with our Abdomen and/or breast PBM irradiators.

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