Photobiomodulation (PBM) = Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Research Journals

Currently around 5,000 papers regarding low-level laser therapy (LLLT) a.k.a. photobiomodulation (PBM) have been published. From these papers, outstanding papers have been reported on the American national institute of health, national medical library (National Center for Biotechnology Information website – NCBI)
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The mechanism of light therapy by Dr. Saputo

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Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

Started from Dr. Shigeo Ohta’s (Nippon Medical School) clinical trial on oxidative effect of hydrogen, multiple papers on hydrogen treatment have been published, and hydrogen has been drawing a lot of attention by numerous people.

As a result for the past 10 years, ‘hydrogen water generator’ has been popular among people, and lots of hydrogen water related products, such as hydrogen water generator and tumblers are being sold. However, most scientists has been raising a question in hydrogen water.

According to the statement from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, hydrogen in hydrogen water generator is either not present, or barely present. Not only it is barely present, but it evaporates once it is exposed to oxygen of certain temperature, or it doesn’t get absorbed into the body. Thus, at last recent news reported that drinking hydrogen generated water is no different than drinking ‘normal’ water. This shows a theory that separated hydrogen gas does not dissolve into water on its own. 

Moreover, once water containing trace of hydrogen is exposed to oxygen or the temperature increases, hydrogen within the water immediately evaporates. As this scientific knowledge and the fact that most of Dr. Shigeo Ohta’s and others’(Nippon Medical School) clinical trials used hydrogen gas came to be acknowledged, Hydrogen inhalation therapy has been suddenly drawn into attention.

Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant

The effect of Hydrogen

by Dr. Garth Nicolson

The effect of hydrogen inhalation

Testimonial: a diabetic using hydrogen inhalation therapy 

There are approximately 600 research papers released on its effect on the symptoms of relieving chronic disease including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-apoptosis effects; reducing oxidative stress, inflammatory response, and multiple sepsis damage; as well as reproducing organisms that protect against acute peritonitis. In addition, many successful clinical trial cases have been reported.

Parkinson’s is a nerve disease that is caused by the lack of dopamine in the brain. Major symptoms include shaking of hands and feet, slower movement, muscle stiffness and it might also develop dementia as complication. Symptoms arise the most around the age after 40s~50s, and it is categorized as an incurable disease.

Researches have been happening in Japan and USA to study whether molecular hydrogen, a strong anti-oxidant, has the ability to suppress progression of Parkinson’s and other brain diseases.
This page organizes some important research papers on the relationship of hydrogen and Parkinson’s/brain diseases. (Source: We hope that it will help Parkinson’s/brain disease patients and their families.

Balanced Immunity is the key factor of healthy body


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