Terms and Conditions of Online Shopping

These terms and conditions apply to purchase made Hue Light’s official online shopping from www.huelight.kr or www.huelightkorea.com.

All orders placed through these websites are subject to agreement by Hue Light Co. Ltd. All prices are in the United States dollars (USD) that is duty and shipping free.

Copyright Designs

Supplied designs

It is the client’s responsibility to gain prior authorization to use any copyrighted or patented images/logos in their order. We will not be held liable for use of these materials.

Product designs

The product designs will remain our intellectual property and may not be used in any other form without prior written consent and cannot be copied.

Orders and Delivery

Hue Light Co. Ltd. will be responsible to deliver the products you order to the shipping address you specify in your order. The process from the order to shipping may take up to 3 weeks. All our products are made-to-order in which the order would be confirmed after 100% payment have been processed and confirmed by the company. The shipping will be processed via DHL express directly from the facility in Korea to your designated shipping address. We cannot accept PO box numbers as your delivery address. The phone number and email address are required for contact information for the shipping. Once the products are delivered to you, you will own them, and it would be your responsibility for any damages from misuse or misplacement.


Shipping (DHL Express) is free of charge worldwide. The shipping will be processed on 5 business days (M-F) and would take 3-5 business days.


There’s 1-year warranty for the product.

  • The warranty on this product is covered by the warranty as described in the warranty.

  • If there is any problem with this product, you can get free after-sales service for one year. (In case of paid service guide, the service fee applies even within the warranty period.)

  • Paid Service

    • Always show your product warranty when you receive service.

    • Please note that this warranty is not reissued.

    • Product failure or damage due to user error

    • Failure due to improper repair or modification

    • Failure caused by natural disaster

    • Damage caused by failure to observe the precautions specified in this manual.

For any factory malfunction and/or warranty service, please contact:

Email: info@huelight.krPhone: +82-2-898-2116

Prices and Payment

For each order, you must pay 100% price for the product stated by Hue Light Co. Ltd.

Your order and credit card details are confidential and secure. Your order would be process only if the payment has been fully processed and confirmed.

For the payment, we only accept payment methods stated in the payment section on the web site. Prices and range on this website may vary from Hue Light’s discounted pricing.

If using a coupon, the coupon may only be applied to certain product, so be sure to know how your coupon may be used for which product. The coupon may not be duplicated and may expire.

Your Account

You agree to take responsibility for the safekeeping of your account information. You are liable if your account login information is used by an unauthorized individual. Hue Light Co. Ltd may suspend or cancel your account at any time for unacceptable online activities without any prior notice.


Hue Light Co. Ltd will comply with our Privacy Statement and will not share your information with any third-party. Hue Light Co. Ltd. will only use the information for the purpose of fulfilling the order.


Any liability of Hue Light Co. Ltd. in terms of the products sold will be subjected to any non-excludable liability for the warranty as specified in above.

Changes of terms and conditions

Hue Light Co. Ltd will be responsible to add, delete or change the terms and conditions without notice. It is your responsibility to read and acknowledge these terms and conditions before you place the order.

Applicable law

All purchase sold on this web site and these terms and conditions are subjected to the law of South Korea.

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